What is a RAID array?

When we talk of a raid array, what we mean is a system of hard drives that are interconnected in such a way that they act as one storage space. There are many ways of connecting the hard drives to form raids. One thing is that when they are connected to form a raid, the data stored is in stripe from and that the stripe is spread evenly across all drives that are in array. Because of this, there comes a time when the array becomes faulty, either because of damaged hard drives or arrays.

What is virtualization?

This is a process whereby the image of the whole data storage device or array, is made and have it in a single file.

Hard disks can be virtualized and then be contained in files of hard disk drive images. Actually, the virtual hard drives will function just like the real computer that has an operating system. It is sometimes known as virtual machines.

In order to attain a virtual machine to run just like a real physical machine or computer, you first need to create it and run it on the host computer, using a hypervisor.

How to Recover VMware Partitions from Damaged Hard Drives and Faulty RAID Arrays

The first process in recovery is to access the condition of the damaged hard drives. After the repair, a binary read is tried on the drives.

First you need to figure out the geometry of the raid array in question. This is done through combing of the metadata that is contained in each and every drive for one to know where the parity data lies for the arrangement of stripes to be complete. To reorganize and reconstruct the failed arrays, there is need to have all drive that has ever been in connection in the array for the data recovery process to happen.

After arranging the array, what follows is to do data recovery from the virtual machine of the user, which may be in different partitions. Remember that data can only be recovered after flattening delta files and fitting them into the VMDK disk images of the user, afterwards putting the images to the faulty hard drives. This is only possible after taking the reconstructed raid array and referencing them with the VMDK files. This process is basically done to highlight which parts of the virtual machines remained unread because of failure of hard disk in the array, or because of damage.

Then, it’s now the time to run data recovery software on the virtual machine. You can use HOMBRE or any other of your wish. This will definitely grant you back your data into the RAID array.